Chairman Message – Nov 2017

Chairman’s Message – November 2017


Our last meeting was held on October 19th at TUV Rheinland Industrial Solutions in Hopewell with dinner at Trenney’s Grill. Our speaker was Brett Pond, Principal Metallurgist and manager of the metallurgical and mechanical test lab. His presentation was on Galvanic Corrosion emphasizing factors that affect galvanic corrosion rates and how to minimize or prevent it. Thanks again to Brett for his interesting and informative presentation and brief tour.

Our next meeting will be held on November 16th at the Springfield Grill, 7001 Crider Road, Mars, PA 16046 (724-778-8700). Our speaker will be Robert Woodward who is the lead inspector for Microwave Technologies at System One Services. He has more than fifteen years of experience in the use of all NDE methods as they apply to various industries. Robert has been part of the Microwave Technology team since late 2012 and has since helped to establish and develop emerging microwave techniques, particularly in the inspection of nonmetals.  In addition, Robert enjoys his involvement in his local ASNT section and regularly participates in the training of new NDE technicians where he resides in Aiken, SC. 

Robert’s presentation will cover the Microwave’s technology’s capability to volumetrically inspect many different types of non-metallic components in industry today.  The technology is used to interrogate rubber, fiberglass, HDPE, and other materials that prove difficult to inspect for traditional NDE methods.  This can be done with either manual or automated scan imaging techniques.

We will meet at the Springfield Grill in the Adams Room at 5:30PM. Dinner will be held at 6:00 PM with the presentation immediately following. If you will be attending the meeting please contact me (instead of Gary Young) at 724-746-9390 or Let’s support our section and Robert Woodward for his valued expertise in this emerging new technology.


John Markanich

ASNT Pittsburgh Chairman

Chairman Message – March 2017

Chairman Message – March 2017

Dave Marcyjanik and John Markanich

Our last meeting was held on February 16th at Monte Cello’s in Cranberry Township. Our speaker was Dave Marcyjanik, Lead Staff Engineer for the Measurement & Inspection (M&I) and Staff Engineer for NDT, at the Performance Review Institute.

Dave had a 32 year career in the Pennsylvania Air National Guard where he retired in 2012. His was “The Air National Guard Air Refueling Mission and the NDT Program”. Dave gave an enjoyable presentation where we learned a lot about refueling and the Air National Guard. It was also attended by a number of PRI NDT auditors who were in town. Thanks to Dave for his valued contribution to our section.

Our March meeting will be held on Tuesday (instead of our usual Thursdays) on March 14th. It will be a joint meeting with AWS. The meeting will start at 6:00 PM at the RJ Lee Group, 350 Hochberg Rd., Monroeville, PA 15146. Our host will be James V. Pellegrino. RJ Lee Group is an industrial forensics analytical laboratory and scientific consulting firm. The group deals with problems encountered during the manufacturing process, to ensure regulatory compliance, and to uncover and understand the root cause of product failure. Their technical experts provide customized solutions that are flexible, scalable, and best-suited to the application. They have been solving technical challenges for over 30 years. One focus will be on the capabilities and challenges of the Failure Analysis Lab. The lab includes a suite of electron microscopy and spectroscopy methods that are critical in failure investigations.

A dinner will follow immediately following the presentation at Palmieri’s Restaurant, 951 Old Frankstown Rd., Pittsburgh, PA 15239 (approximately 1 mile from lab). Please make every effort to attend this meeting. It should be a good one and well attended from AWS as well.

Attached is an agenda list for the section through the end of our current calendar year. I welcome suggestions for your preferred meeting and dinner locations.

Chairman’s Message – February 2017...

Left John Markanich
Right Dr. Peter Pan

Our January meeting was held on the 19th with our guest speaker Dr. Peter Pan at the Tonidale Cornerstone in Oakdale, PA. His presentation was on the IIoT, Industrial Internet of Things. Dr. Pan is our new Regional Director for ASNT. Thanks to Dr. Pan for his great presentation and offer to assist us in his role as our Regional Director.

Our next meeting will be held on February 16th at Monte Cello’s, 20325 RT 19, in Cranberry Township. The social will start at 5:30PM with our speaker presentation starting shortly after 6PM.

Our speaker will be our own Dave Marcyjanik, a regular attendee at our meetings. Dave is the Lead Staff Engineer for the Measurement & Inspection (M&I) program at the Performance Review Institute. Dave is also a certified Nadcap Lead auditor for M&I in all measurement disciplines; Coordinate Measurement Machines (CMM), Laser Trackers, Articulated Arms, Airflow processes and 3D Scanners.  He also continues to support the Nondestructive Testing (NDT) program and, also maintains a Lead Auditor position in NDT for PT, MT, UT, RT, ET, DDA, CR, and chemical Etch.

Dave had a 32 year career in the Pennsylvania Air National Guard where he retired in 2012. He has worked at Babcock and Wilcox at the Navy Nuclear Equipment Division in Barberton, OH. He has held several positions at the Pennsylvania Air National Guard, NDT lab Manager, Radiation Safety Manager of the 171st Air Refueling Wing and manager of the Aircraft Structural Maintenance Section, and a trainer of over 60 Guardsman NDT technicians.

Dave’s topic for the meeting is “The Air National Guard Air Refueling Mission and the NDT Program”. Please make every effort to attend this meeting and support Dave and our local Pittsburgh ASNT section.

John Markanich

Chairman – ASNT Pittsburgh

Chairman’s Message – January 2017...

Our November meeting was at the Springfield Grille in Mars, PA. Our speaker was Brad Bornstein of Olympus. Thanks to Brad for his interesting and informative presentation and for his continued contribution to our group. Brad emphasized the many uses of ultrasonic technology to measure thickness on metal and non-metallic parts.


We did not have a meeting in December. Hope everyone’s holidays were enjoyable.Our next meeting is Thursday, January 19th. We are once again meeting at the Cornerstone at Tonidale, 7001 Steubenville Pike, Oakdale, PA (412-787-1125). The meeting will start at 6:00PM preceded by a social at 5:30PM.


Our speaker will be Dr. Yicheng ”Peter” Pan. Dr. Pan is our new ASNT Regional Director and the manager of advanced technologies at Emerson. He has served on a variety of positions with ASNT over the years and is now serving on the Board of Directors. His present research main focuses are developing intelligent wireless sensors for Pervasive Sensing and NDE inspection of composite structure and material (thermography, ultrasonic, and computed tomography). Dr. Pan invented an intelligent non-destructive measurement and evaluation system for composite structures and material, particularly in CFRP composite and carbon-carbon composite brakes by using thermography, ultrasonic, x-ray, eddy current, and computed tomography methods.


Dr. Pan’s topic is IIot(Industrial internet of things) and wireless networks for NDT. Please make every effort to attend this meeting. Please call or e-mail Gary Young to inform him of your intention to attend this meeting. 



Best regards,


John Markanich

ASNT Pittsburgh Chairman

Chairman’s Message – November 2016...

Our October meeting was held at Product Evaluation Systems in Latrobe, PA. They provide Mechanical, Nondestructive, Metallographic, Chemical Testing, and Consulting Services. We were greeted by Mike Kowatch and Mic Moorhead. After a tour of their facilities we were given a presentation by Mike. The title of his presentation was “The relationship between arc strikes and premature failure of metals”. The presentation showed how arc strikes from wet fluorescent magnetic particle testing (head shots) and welding (all processes), can cause premature failure due to liquid metal embrittlement (LME) and excessive hardness in the immediate area of the arc strike. Real life examples were shown along with methods and practices that can be used to minimize such occurrences. Thanks to Mike and Mic for their generosity and offering of their time and facilities.

Our next meeting will be held at the Adams private dining room at the Springfield Grille, 7001 Crider Road, Mars, PA 16046 (Phone: 724-778-8700). Dinner will be served at approximately 6PM with a social starting at 5:30PM. Our speaker will be Brad Bornstein of Olympus. Brad has spoken to our group many times in the past and we thank Brad for his continued contribution to our group. Brad has been with Olympus for 12 years as the local Sales Representative for ultrasonic thickness gaging and flaw detection, phased array flaw detection and eddy current flaw detection products. He is a graduate of the University of Virginia with a BSME and has worked in technical support and sales for 21 years.  

Brad has offered the following information to introduce his topic of discussion. “Ultrasonic technology is used in many industries to measure thickness on metal parts. These applications include manufacturing of metal plate, pipe and bar and field service corrosion inspection of metal pipe and tanks. Many people do not realize that ultrasound is also used to measure thickness on non-metallic applications. This presentation will focus on examples of ultrasonic thickness applications on other materials in fields that you may not expect.”

We hope that you will make the effort to attend this meeting and offer our appreciation to Brad for his time and show support to the ASNT Pittsburgh section.

Best regards,

John Markanich

ASNT Pittsburgh Chairman

ASNT Pittsburgh – Chairman’s Message...

Left Clyde May
Right John Markanich

Our September 15th meeting was held at the Cornerstone at Tonidale in Oakdale, PA. Our speaker was Clyde May from VMI (Virtual Media Integration Ltd.). Their website is Clyde was joined by Russ Perry, the US Sales Manager – Eastern Region. Clyde’s presentation was on advances in digital radiography. He emphasized the need for people to get involved the developing specifications for this newer technology that renders many of the older specifications obsolete. Thanks to Clyde and Russ for their valued contribution to our section.

Our next meeting will be on Thursday, October 20th. Please note the correction of the date from the last newsletter. We will meet at PES (Product Evaluation Systems) at 637 Donohoe Road, Latrobe, PA between 5:30 and 6:00 PM. We will be hosted by Mike Kowatch who will conduct a tour of their facilities and speak about the relationship between arc strikes and premature failure of metals. He spoke at the ASM meeting last month and it was well received. Mike began his career in NDT while enlisted in the US Navy. He holds an ASNT/NAS 410/NS 250-1500-1 Level III certification in VT, MT, and PT along with previous certification in UT. He is also a CWI (Certified Welding Inspector). He is currently the QC Manager and NDT Level III for PES (an independent laboratory). Dinner will be held after the meeting at a local restaurant. Their website is

In November we will have Brad Bornstein from Olympus speak for us. The details of this event will follow. Please contact Gary Young to confirm your reservation at or call him at 724-752-0055 x3194. All meetings require a payment of $25 with a receipt provided that can be used for recertification purposes.


John Markanich

ASNT Pittsburgh Chairman

July 2016 Chairman’s Message

It has been a while since the last newsletter. We closed out our 2015-2016 meeting schedule with the annual clay shoot at the Castlewood Rod & Gun Club on June 9th. I was unable to attend but I heard that it was an enjoyable combination of steaks & firearms.
On Thursday, May 26th, we had our annual training session with Tom Hay from Techknowserve from State College. The training was held at TUV in Hopewell with dinner held at Trenny’s Restaurant. Tom explained the theory and applications of Acoustic Emission Testing and showed some applications examples. Thanks to Tom for his excellent instruction and informative presentation.
In April, our speaker was Dr. Mehrooz Zamenzadeh (Dr. Zee) from Exova. His topic was “Aging Pipe Lines, Explosions, and Condition Assessment”. There were 21 in attendance at the Tonidale Pub in Oakdale, PA. Dr. Zee shared his experiences, insight, and concern about this important and urgent situation with our aging pipelines. Thanks also to the participation of others from Exova in attendance at the meeting.
We are looking forward to our next season (2016-2017). So far we have September and October booked. We are looking for speakers and suggestions for venues, so if you have any input, please let us know as soon as possible. I expect that we will have an executive committee meeting in August to discuss a multitude of topics including events and speakers for the upcoming season.
On September 15th, we will have a technical presentation on the Advancements of Radiography and the Importance of Quality Raw Data (image) vs. Filtered Computer-Generated Data (image). Our presenter will be Russ Perry, the US Sales Manager – Eastern Region for Virtual Media Integration Ltd. from Pensacola, FL. Their website is
On October 21st, we will have a tour by Mike Kowatch, QC Manager/NDT Level III/CWI from Product Evaluation Systems, Inc., 637 Donohoe Road, Latrobe, PA. The details of this event will follow in a future newsletter. Their website is
All meetings start promptly at 6:00PM with a social “hour” starting at 5:30PM.
Thanks once again for your continued interest in the success of the Pittsburgh Section and we look forward to seeing all of you at our future meetings.

John Markanich
ASNT Pittsburgh Chairman

May Training

ASNT PGH had a a 8 hour training class on Acoustic Emission. The training was given by Thomas R. Hay, Ph.D., ASNT Level 3, President TECHKNOWSERV Corp. the class was every interesting and offered incite into a little know NDT technique. Thomas had a live demonstration and lots of interesting projects and stories from the field.
Thanks Thomas
Tom Hay and John Markanich
Right John Markanich, Left Tom Hay

Thank You Tom Hay
And thanks TUV Rheinland for Hosting ASNT PGH.

April 2016 Presentation

For those of you who could not make it to our last meeting, Dr Zee gave a wonderful presentation on pipe line mechanical mechanical integrity.  Dr zee told us about some of the study’s and inspections he is conducting in various areas around the US.  you can check out Dr Zee’s Presentation below.


Dr Zee and John M.










Right: John Markanich ASNT PGH Chairman  Left: M. Zee, Ph.D Presenter

Thanks Dr Zee,

Jesse Groom

April 2016 Chairman’s Message

Chairman Message for April 2016
Thanks to Patrick and Carol Sansieri from Odyssey Technology for the March 17th presentation at the Springfield Grill. Patrick’s talk was “Level III Responsibilities, Nadcap, and NAS410”. We appreciate their insight into this subject and the entire certification process. Interpreting and administering training and certification is a challenge to all Level III’s and we certainly appreciate the very informative presentation and discussions that followed. The emphasis was on the leadership role that must be taken by the Level III in the entire production and quality control process. There were 19 attendees at the meeting.
Our next meeting will be on Thursday April 21st. Our speaker will be Dr. Mehrooz Zamanzadeh (Dr. Zee) from Exova (formerly Matco Services). Exova specializes in Materials Testing and Corrosion Engineering. Dr. Zee is Exova’s Technical Director and Failure Analyst/Corrosion Investigator. He is NACE (National Association of Corrosion Engineers) certified in corrosion, coatings, material selection and design, and cathodic protection. He has numerous awards from NACE, ASM, and other technical organizations along with having authored over 30 technical publications. Dr. Zamanzadeh has performed and reviewed numerous failure analyses investigations involving corrosion, fatigue, and materials damage in aging structures and holds forty-five patents.
The title of the presentation is “Aging Pipe Lines, Explosions and Condition Assessment”. Dr. Zee will discuss the risks associated with our over 2.9 million miles of aging coated pipelines transporting natural gas, oil, and hazardous liquids in the United States. The conditions leading to failures due to corrosion and other factors will be discussed along with techniques for detecting dangerous conditions leading to failures. Case histories of catastrophic failures will also be presented.
The meeting will be held at the Pub at Tonidale located at 7001 Steubenville Pike, Oakdale, PA 1507. The phone number is (724) 307-3019 and their website is The social starts at 5:30PM with dinner following. Hats were awarded to all attendees at the last meeting. As promised, shirts will be presented to those who attended several meetings this year. This will be the last speaker meeting until the fall so please make every effort to attend. Please make sure to contact Gary Young, at 724-752-0055 ext 3194 or email, to reserve you seat.
John Markanich
ASNT Pittsburgh Chairman

March 2016 Presentation

Patrick W. Sansieri gave an excellent presentation last month on LEVEL 3 Responsibilities, Nadcap, and NAS 410.  for those of you who missed the presentation it is posted below. unfortunately it dose not include the fascinating stories from Mr. Sansieris work.

please join us next month when Dr. Zamanzadeh (Dr.Zee) presents


Sansieri Handshake

March 2016 Chairman’s Message

March 2016 – ASNT Pittsburgh Chairman’s Message
John Kurtz, John MarkanichLast month we had a well attended joint meeting with AWS. Our speaker was John Kurtz from Oxford Instruments. John’s presentation was on PMI, Positive Material Identification. John presented three technologies and showed comparisons, limitations, and advantages for the LIBS, OES, and XRF techniques. John had several portable instruments available and took time with a number of people afterwards to answer questions and discuss applications. Many thanks to John for his presentation and his patience while we subjugated him to a variety of desktop presentation challenges. There were 40 in attendance from AWS and ASNT. Thanks to all that attended our event at the Dynasty International Buffet in Cranberry Township.
Pat Sansieri
On March 17th I am excited to announce our speaker, Patrick Sansieri, from Odyssey Technology. Pat recently moved back to the Pittsburgh area from Charleston, South Carolina. We welcome Pat and his wife Carol to our meeting. Pat is ASNT certified Level III, NAS410 Level 3, and PWA Sim4 Level 3 and has a B.S. in Physics and 38 years in NDT. Odyssey Technology specializes in certification, training, and Level III consulting work internationally. The title of his talk is “Level 3 Responsibilities under NAS410”. Please make every effort to attend this meeting. The meeting will start with a social gathering at 5:30PM. Dinner will be at approximately 6PM with the presentation following. The location of the meeting is the Springfield Grill, 7001 Crider Road, Mars, PA 16046 (724-778-8700).
In April, our presenter will be Dr. Zamanzadeh (Dr.Zee) from Exova (formerly Matco Services). Dr. Zee is a well known speaker in the fields of corrosion, coatings, materials selection and design, and cathodic protection. His bio is quite extensive and we are honored to have him present to our section.
Attendance has been very good at our meetings. Thanks to all the members who take the time to share their experiences and knowledge with our local section. Please see if any of your co-workers and friends who are associated with NDT and related professions and get them involved. I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the March 17th meeting and making some new friends.

John Markanich, ASNT Pittsburgh Section Chairman

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