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Chairman’s Message – November 2016

Our October meeting was held at Product Evaluation Systems in Latrobe, PA. They provide Mechanical, Nondestructive, Metallographic, Chemical Testing, and Consulting Services. We were greeted by Mike Kowatch and Mic Moorhead. After a tour of their facilities we were given a presentation by Mike. The title of his presentation was “The relationship between arc strikes and premature failure of metals”. The presentation showed how arc strikes from wet fluorescent magnetic particle testing (head shots) and welding (all processes), can cause premature failure due to liquid metal embrittlement (LME) and excessive hardness in the immediate area of the arc strike. Real life examples were shown along with methods and practices that can be used to minimize such occurrences. Thanks to Mike and Mic for their generosity and offering of their time and facilities. Our next meeting will be held at the Adams private dining room at the Springfield Grille, 7001 Crider Road, Mars, PA 16046 (Phone: 724-778-8700). Dinner will be served at approximately 6PM with a social starting at 5:30PM. Our speaker will be Brad Bornstein of Olympus. Brad has spoken to our group many times in the past and we thank Brad for his continued contribution to our group. Brad has been with Olympus for 12 years as the local Sales Representative for ultrasonic thickness gaging and flaw detection, phased array flaw detection and eddy current flaw detection products. He is a graduate of the University of Virginia with a BSME and has worked in technical support and sales for 21 years.   Brad has offered the following information to introduce his topic of discussion. “Ultrasonic technology is used in many industries to measure thickness on metal parts. These applications include manufacturing of metal plate, pipe and bar and field service corrosion inspection of metal pipe and tanks. Many people do not realize that ultrasound is also used to measure thickness on non-metallic applications. This presentation will focus on examples of ultrasonic thickness applications on other materials in fields that you may not expect.” We hope that you will make the effort to attend this meeting and offer our appreciation to Brad for his time and show support to the ASNT Pittsburgh section. Best regards, John Markanich ASNT Pittsburgh Chairman